The Astor House Hotel was the first modern hotel in Chinas history, which hosted many celebrities from all over the world.

The hotel lightened up the first electric lamps in China
July 26, 1882, Shanghai lightened up 15 lamps on trial for the first time, seven of which were installed in the Astor House Hotel.

The earliest performances of the Circuses in China
1882, the earliest performances of the Circuses from Western countries.

The first phonecall was made through here

1901, the first Yellow Page in the city listed the number of the Astor House Hotel 200, and its the first phone used in Shanghai.

A half-sounded film was first shown on in the open air
June 9, 1908, the motion picture was played in the hotel garden.

Chinas first prom was hosted here
November 5, 1897, a grand dancing party was held in the hotel to celebrate the 60 th birthday of the Queen Cixi.

The first stock exchange in China after 1949 was started at the hotel
December 19, 1990, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was launched at the Astor House Hotel.


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